Creating a blog page has taken an entire day of googleybearing, giving up my most sacred of details and committing $$$ to an enterprise of unknown quantity.

I needed to figure out how to get a site going and where best to access the right technology.

Choosing was easy.

Getting it up and running was confusing.  My mind – fluttery as it is – has synapsed so much through this process that I am convinced (as I am every time I triumph over technology) that senile dementia is less imminent.

But I am here, I DID it! And so can you, so can we all.

So we can all spew forth, equally unread and unheard, but admirably readable if only for our own nostalgic pleasures.

I think Blogs are like the ‘memoirs’ of the 70s.

Memoirs carefully produced in glossy prose to depict the life of a gracious hostess, faultless to a fault. Humorous, glamorous, humble.

Bullshit memoirs, the tradition of which to be continued in this etherworld, and – like its physical sister, will mostly go unread, but sustain the ego of the author.

blah blah blah – welcome to my blahg


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